Breakdown of 1957 Classic Cars

57' in America

What a time, what a place. American bandstand started, Spike Lee was born, and the post war boom was happening with Eisenhower at the helm. Too much fun. 
The best of years! Almost hands down… for the automotive industry. Man there are so many collectables ranging from 1955, 1956, and 1957. The iconic designs, looks, and patterns that we enjoy in classic cars is all found in these years. So a major shout out to the following. We hope they bring a smile to your face:
The Cadillac Eldorado, as the fins began to grow! 
The Chevrolet Bel Air - as it is any collectors dream to own one and one of the more valuable classics
The Chevrolet Nomad - What a beast! 
The Chevrolet Corvette - Setting the trend for the American Sports Car
The Ford Thunderbird - What a class act
The Ford Ranchero - While were at it lets even drop the ranchero in after all its style will lead to the El Camino 
The Volkswagen Bus - AKA (Kombi, Microbus, Transporter, "VW Bus, Hippie Van") After going through the rest of the awesome vehicles on this list, let's give a final shout to the first generation Volkswagen bus. With style and grace these things were priming themselves for the 60s. 
Meanwhile while all this awesome style was happening our gorgeous brand new Tap Truck was also in production! The iconic Tap Truck brand logo is built around the profile namely of the 55-57 GM Panel Truck or Delivery Van. Before Vans were a hit in commercial America these work horses were used from bakeries to part stores. So in a way this stylish mobile bar set up as a Tap truck, is also the original beer van! Who knew the second life it would have as it entered our national fleet!
We have been working hard mechanically on this beast. She has an upgraded camera front clip. A 350 V8 upgrade, Power brakes, powersteering but the real icing on the cake is 6 beer taps! He lots not limit ourselves, so: 6 prosecco taps, 6 wine taps, 6 cider taps, 6 kombucha taps. Our goregous 57 chevy is ready to party in style! What are yoru thoughts on her color!? We hope you enjoy this gallery of her.